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Selling Edge
                                              The Culmination of Sales Experts
Full range of core competencies
iCore competencies are the essential elements or characteristics of "will do the job well". In addition to the concept of "personality", it further adds on the comprehensive concept of "elements associated with the job content” and "elements associated with the performance". A full range refers to the "non-overlapping and exhaustive" concept.
These ability factors, if we use KSA (knowledge, skill and attitude) to analyze and classify them, we can find the full range of core competencies and find out more clearly the competency model for each job. After our comparison and reviewing, it was found that "personality" is much more related with attitude and "elements associated with the job content" is much more related with multi-class knowledge and skill classes, whereas the "elements associated with the performance" is much more related with multi-class A / K / S. In other words, we can use KSA to fully cover the core competencies.
The Prototype of Full-range Core Competencies in Field Visit
As a successful salesman, we must have all kinds of “versatile talent". Its basic characteristics are not only in addition to our knowledge and skills (selling skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, etc.) but also our attitude.

First of all, we look at the Sales Management level. It roughly includes the following five key elements: K [product knowledge management - 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), 2. Competitive Product Comparison Table)], S [time territory management (time management, customer management, 3.File management. All in which customer management contains 4. Itinerary planning and 5. Operations Management (matters assigned to track). We c an also say that a good salesman would know how to do self-management. We can find that he can self-manage 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), 2. Competitive Product Comparison Table, 3.File management, 4.Itinerary planning and 5.Operation Management (matters assigned to track) very well and even some of them were remembered in the brain. To be continued ------

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