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Deming:「No theory, no learning.」

The Most in Workplace: Workplace Promotion Pyramid Model
                              Set the Culmination of Workplace Promotion Experts
Work values
A joke that became widespread among office workers is now regarded as a Bible by young workers. The phrase spread is, "What I hope to find the ideal job is a job I can earn more money, do little and is close to home." It may result in the deviation values we work for. We can consider it as a joke and do not be too serious.At work, each person will have different value views for individual factors just like the salary level, leisure or intensity, working hours, position or title promotion and development opportunities, job stability, interesting work, autonomy, work opportunities to help others and the importance of social contribution. All of these are in different degrees of requirements.

The Importance of Workplace Promotion
Do not ignore the importance of the opportunities for job advancement and development. Taiwan's office workers consider the second most important value of promotion as a cloud to them. However, we should know that job promotion is your event. Even if you think it is not important and listen to God's decision, it will come to the end of you who is in charge. It may decide the future whether it will be better or sadder. So, why do you have no ambition to try or apply then?

The Way of Workplace Promotion
How do we be successful in workplace promotion? Is there any sequential way to be promoted? There is no rule we can follow but step-by-step efforts so do not think too complicatedly. First of all is the effort of the knowledge level. That is the reason why they say new employee training almost entirely increases in knowledge so it can be recognized. To be continued-----

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Workplace Promotion Model

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