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I. The use of information. When you use YouKnowledge, we may record your site to use information, such as reading channels, groups and people you contact, you see the Knowledge Forum, the frequency and size of data transmission, and the information you displayed or clicked on YouKnowledge. If you log in, the information that we may be with your "YK account" associate. In addition, to ensure quality of service, we sent to the user's HTML e-mail or other communication-type support also may use tags (also known as "Web beacons"), to confirm that the message actually delivered.

II. You submit to YouKnowledge of any knowledge forum, are the first to be released once screening tailored to the facts. Knowledge after the release of information, there may be through the Internet and other media channels and then to be re released. In addition to YouKnowledge users, viewers may also include the general public.

YouKnowledge BA Privacy Policy-Licensing Information


You should carefully read our terms and conditions located. Your purchase or use of YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products implies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

You may not sell/giveaway our YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA product contents to 3rd parties.

You may not claim that you designed and produced our YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products.

You may not include/bundle our YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products within your products and sell them.

You may not distribute our YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products after you have performed modifications on it, UNLESS all dimensions and content objects are replaced and the YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products looks different from the original YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products. The YouKnowledge(YK)™ products we use are licensed and if you use them without obtaining a proper license you will be liable for damages and intellectual property / copyright infringement.

You can use the YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products for your personal business.

You can use the YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products for your running company/corporate.


Our YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products may be used for your own running business, but you may not put them on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium and offer them to others for redistribution or resale,including your clients. You may not edit the YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products and then sell/distribute it in any way.


If you are to using part of our YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products to help running business for your commercial clients, it is important to advise your clients in advance not to distribute our YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products to avoid possible legal disputes.


 All our YouKnowledge(YK)™ BA products(s) have been filed with the Intellectual Property Office. If you misuse or distribute our digital works without prior written consent from us, we will seek damages and you will be prosecuted.



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