Over ten-year managing and training experience within the Top Fifty worldwide companies
Nearly twenty-year working experience from basic level to would-be Asia high-level manager, we know the business administration of company well and provide the best solution to enhance individual or organization performance.

At work, we can take advantage of our ability and attitude to achieve performance every day. Ability means knowledge and skill/management.In YouKnowledge BA , we can learn knowledge, skill/management and attitude, which we should possess. Not too many as you think but they are enough for us to work smoothly and successfully.


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First of all, I want to congratulate YouKnowledge company's  5-Leadership-power Organization® training course won the focusing consideration 2017 International Training Association IFTDO Award (like training industry Oscar). For the island nation Taiwan ROC of the Chinese regions, there are many big countries surrounding in the world, in fact, we can say that it has been the winner already while nominated!

World-class exclusive training courses

Ho's Six Bussiness Administration Theories


I. Ho'sFirst B.A. Theory

5-Leadership-Power Organization Theory

5-Leadership-Power Organization

II. Ho's Second B.A. Theory

Selling Edge Theory

Selling Edge

III. Ho's Third B.A. Theory

Customer Need Model Theory

Customer Need Model Centered Marketing and Selling

IV. Ho's Fourth B.A. Theory

Workplace Promotion Pyramid Model Level Theory

Workplace Promotion Pyramid Model

V. Ho's Fifth B.A. Theory

Big 7 Attitude Dimension Theory

Big 7 Attitude

VI. Ho's Sixth B.A. Theory

Vocal Module Theory

Presentation Edge

The quota information will be published on niknowledge.com

5-Leadershippower Organization (5-Day Training Program)

The One for All the world

Human beings have the same characteristics in common. Based on this rule, we create several learning programs , which are adapted for global society.

YouKnowledge BA products are applied to society. They are all in a global view and useful for us to perform in our organization.


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