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The Most in Company-Customer Needs Model Theory
The thinking way of the so-called “Blue Ocean” Strategy is also customer oriented. It provides some products and services, which others cannot meet needs or values. Therefore, products and services should be closely linked with customer need. We can also say that a company's most important core business is "marketing and sales" while the most fundamental core of marketing and sales is "customer need."The entire selling process, in fact, is a process that we inquire customer needs and meet customer needs. However, in the market, where are the customer needs? If we can grasp the customer's needs model, we can almost say that we master the market. In other words, we can also say that we almost reached the highest level of marketing "make selling into a surplus."
Maslow invented the theory of a human needs model (physical, security, social belonging and love, respect and self-fulfill) but how do we find out these needs? If we can identify the customer needs model theory in business administration like Maslow did, why are these needs wanted rather than anything else. We are convinced that it would cause a series of positive chain reactions and impact in different careers.

Each career can focus on thinking about the key determinants of a customer in the buying process, there are demand points and can produce some products more in line with customer need. It can make more competitive product strategy and provide services, which match customer needs more accurately.To be continued --

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