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Deming:「No theory, no learning.」

The Most in Life: Big Seven Attitude™ Dimensions Theory
                              Integrated from Attitude Experts
There are many large and small things we have to take care in life. When we ask senior people how to do they will say, "Attitude is the most important" but after listening to these words, we think they mean more to be more reverent. Is this really true? Attitude is only a more reverent attitude towards it? Attitude refers to what in the end?
Learning Attitude Articles
On the road of our learning life, what kind of attitude we should have? How do we get admitted into good schools? How can we demonstrate our studies? How do we teach and learn with others? How can we be considered as a success in learning life? What is the right answer to success? Can the answer be the same?To learn in life is a series of learning choices. However, the different learning choices will show how different learning attitudes can be. Finally we find that the learning attitudes are closely related to all these learning processes and results. So in our lifetime, what is the full view of learning attitude in the end? To find a comprehensive view of learning attitude and prescribe the right medicine can make our learning attitude perfect and unassailable but also can achieve successful learning realm of life.
A Full Range of Learning Attitude
Since learning attitude is so strong and powerful, we begin to ask, what kind of learning attitudes should we have in the end? Can we learn well? Which attitude of people is to have the right and a full range of learning attitude?Perhaps the basic conditions are to work hard, compress resistance and setbacks and includes happily learning and firm determination. But even if we have all these items, it seems that we may not be generally acknowledged as the perfect learning attitude because everyone differently identifies perfect attitude. To be continued ----To be continued…


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Big 7 Attitudes

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