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What We Do


When a people issue occurs, even though you learned a lot from certain training program, do you still know how to handle it?In fact,to develop great individual (members and leaders) and great organization is a key to organizational success.

Purpose / Mission

At YouKnowledge BA, in order to develop great talent and great organization, we are dedicated to providing an overall view and creativity of solutions to meet a better scenario of individual and organization.

It has solved the problems and saved one hundred thousand U.S dollars.


A BA Company with the Most Influential Power in the World

Long-term Purpose / Mission
YouKnowledge Business Administration (group) Pte. Ltd. would like to be a leader of business administration consulting company. We provide consulting and learning program for all people and organizations in the world and we will continuously strengthen our competitive to achieve the goal of running business forever.

Few Words About Us

YouKnowledge Business Administration (group), Mei-Yin Zheng, honorary president
We do not dare to say we provide the best solution for you all in the world but we do dare to say we provide the solution, which is close to the best one in the current world for you all.


The creative overall-view knowledge is beneficial to not only business organizations but also individual people.

Customer service

On running business, YouKnowledge BA deeply realizes that customer service is the basic of running a long-term business. So, if our clients have some problems or issue, we will provide some solutions for them until they solve this problem or issue. Each consulting experience is critical for YouKnowledge BA people. It is also a motive power to make our company progress continuously.


On the other hand, to make a win-win scenario for YouKnowledge BA Company and clients is another important thing. Both people and organizations organize community, so we should provide a reasonable benefit for both sides to fulfill community responsibility. We should make everyone well-learned, as it is the charity work we should do, especially after we successfully running business like YK.


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It is a long established fact that customers will be supported by many types of customer service. This includes consulting programs, learning programs and so on. Various supports are helpful for clients as they accept our YouKnowledge BA product. Sometimes by chance, sometimes on purpose.

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