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5-Leadership-power Organization®(Promotion) -Book (English Version) Brand New!!
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5-Leadership-power Organization®(Partcipant Guide) -Book (English Version) Brand New!!
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Customer Need Model centered Marketing and Selling(Promotion) -Book (English Version-Waiting)
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The most in Life_Big 7 Attitudes(Promotion) -Book (English Version-Waiting)
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Workplace Promotion Pyramid Model(Promotion) -Book (English Version-Waiting)
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Ability of Selling Edge(Promotion) -Book (English Version-Waiting)
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Selling Edge(Promotion) -Book (English Version-Waiting)
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Deming:「No theory, no learning.」

5-Leadership-power Organization Theory
                            Set the Culmination of Leadership Experts
5-Leadership-power Organization®
First of all, I want to congratulate YouKnowledge company's  5-Leadership-power Organization® training course won the focusing consideration of 2016 International Training Association IFTDO Award (like Oscar in training industry) this year. For the island nation Taiwan ROC of the Chinese regions, there are many big countries surrounding in the world, in fact, we can say that it has been the winner already while nominated!
Talent is the most important property of a company, and it can be cultured. Once we company has done our best, and face the bad result, we should reflect on: Is the most important property not been elevated further? In the past, perhaps we had a lot of training on Leadership. A bit older people may vaguely remember: 25 years ago, even Singapore government provided that all Executive officer on the lesson of Learning organization; 15 years ago, more than 50 percent of the world's top 500 large enterprises were crazy for the classes of situational leadership II and building high-performing teams BHPT, they became a fad. Today, however, the time has entered in 2016, whether is there a better lesson able to connect the past and develop the future? I believe it is absolutely 5-Leadership-power Organization®, entirely developed by a Chinese, the men who know how to verify are blessed!
YouKnowledge Biz. Ltd. is a training and consulting company specializing in business administration of organizations & individuals. We listen, conduct, lead, motivate, collaborate and follow up for customers, these will make leading companies all over the world turn to YouKnowledge Biz. company's customer service. You may also visit our online company introduction at Http:// which includes our latest product (service) line.
Do not think: "All training are similar or redundant, our internal staff will not change anything after training!" That means the man who talked this words is to misjudge the potential of the most important property and the strength of the 5-Leadership-power Organization®. 5-Leadership-power Organization® can make your leadership talent reborn, make a big change! Even let your corporate culture to enhance upward. YouKnowledge Biz Ltd. CEO Mr. Benson Ho said: The initiative also allows your company to understand, it is the opportunity to spend the least money to get a big change to your talent reborn and greatly improved, the corporate culture and performance are enhanced, it is definitely not a dream!English 5 days

5-Leadership-power Organization® Training workshop Agenda


AM 9:00~12:30

PM 1:30~5:00


Introduction + L1 power

L1 power + Exercise


L2 power

L2 power + Exercise


D1 power

D1 power + Exercise


D2 power+ Exercise

RC power


RC power+ Exercise

5 powers Exercise + Closing

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5-Leadership-power Organization-Learning Program(5 days)
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